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Someday, somebody will explain why anyone in their right mind would want to hold public office on the federal level for more than four years.  I just do not get it.  President Obama is a good looking guy.  Have you looked at a “before” picture lately?  Shoot, the Prez would be happier singing in the rain.  At least he has plenty of practice at that.  And. Boehner?  Don’t even think it. The only guy thriving in this mess is Eric Cantor, but he was a snotty SOB growing up, so he’s peachy with this mess. Let’s face it, the kid from Harvard that could not get a date has the right approach.  Now, he’s married.  Good things happen when your disastrous IPO reaps billions.  Anyway, his bride looks happy aplenty.

Today, the 17-member euro zone received the bad news when European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi announced that after investing more than one trillion euros to failing banks in countries with failing economies there was nothing more the ECB could do. He had the audacity to suggest that the political entities would have to arrive at a unified, long-term solution to the debt crisis.  That is when Angela Merkel picked up the hot line to the White House.  Pretty slick, that Angela.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration

Leaving anything to Europe’s political leaders is a dicey idea in a political environment that has overturned every incumbent head of state in the past two and a half years.  It is the nature of politics that gutsy decisions just do not get made.  This has nothing to do with nice guys finishing last.  No, it has everything to do with political courage, something lacking in the world’s nations with free economies.

Draghi’s early morning directive minced no words but did set off a series of communications between German Chancellor Angela Merkel whose party has lost control of Parliament, new socialist President Francois Hollande, Cyprus, Austria, Moody’s, Ben Bernanke and President Obama.  And, when the spotlight burns bright did you really think former President Bill Clinton could resist  lighting a firecracker or ten?

Perhaps, the former President was envious of George W. Bush’s successful portrait hanging at the White House this week.  It is comforting to see that GW looks rested, sober and clearly enjoying life away from recently transplanted Dick Cheney.

It’s remarkable that all these people are missing the point. In Europe, there is a certain protocol that must be maintained.  This is not the time for practical matters. Of primary concern must be the dazzling four-day Diamond Jubilee in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 strenuous years as Monarch of The Land. In a stunning moment of reflection, 500,000 Brits cheered wildly as noble Prince Charles planted a big smacker on Camilla after eloquently declaring the inherent lovable qualities of “Your Majesty, Mummy.” Good Lord!  At least Phillip had the good sense to call in sick for the four-day event.

It seems that Angela Merkel and President Obama were not zoned into the Brit’s multi-million dollar extravaganza.  They were busy figuring how the USA, with a sovereign debt that makes Greece and Spain look good, could come to the rescue of the euro zone and the 27-member European Union. With a healthy unemployment rate of 8.2 percent, the US needs to pour money in the Continent to see if the Continent might buy a few US goods and lower unemployment prior to the November elections.  We will pay for it later, but what the heck?

For those of us that might suspect the US economy is not A-OK, we need not be alarmed.  Around mid-morning, the Chairman of the Fed, Mr. Ben Bernanke assured the marketplace and Congress that matters are under control.  That means that around mid-July, he will most likely pump out a third round of stimulus spending in the amount of about $300 billion or at least less than $1 trillion. You know these things can get out of hand, right? If not, call Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan Chase.  He’s had some recent experience with this subject. Does anyone know how stimulus money adds jobs? The answer must be in the beige book. Anyway, everything must be going well because an impartial Warren Buffet says so.

Things on the continent cannot be that bad. France’s Hollande’s first presidential act was to lower the retirement age back down to 60. It was former President Sarkozy‘s increase of the retirement age to 62 that spelled his doom.  It is also that increase in the retirement age that caused millions of Greeks to take to the streets. The increases in these ages had nothing to do with the reality that the pension funds are insolvent, nothing at all.

It’s all about that magic number 60, the single season home run record before steroids but under the influence of alcohol. 60 is the number of votes it now takes to pass a bill in the US Senate, the number of years Great Britain’s single largest landowner has reigned, the age Greeks and French persons should retire and the number of days before the Summer Olympics in London will close. 60! A great number.

86 is an even more impressive number. That is the age of the venerable Queen who tolerated 4 days of lavish festivities in a country with more than 20 percent unemployment. Could someone tell me when the UK moved to South America?

Poor Prince Charles probably assumed he would have the reins of the realm by this time. Yet, he was in fine spirits as he rode a spectacular horse-drawn carriage, vintage forever, with Camilla basking at his side. London’s main drag came alive. The Brits applauded and cheered with enthusiasm.  Apparently the country, which just logged its lowest manufacturing output in three years, is celebrating yet one more round of quantitative easing. Could it be that the Brits think the Queen has something to do with that?

At least the population is not concerned that the unfinished facilities are not quite ready for the Olympics or that there are millions of unsold tickets, or that the French Open is being played in stadiums that are half-empty.  It cannot be said that the Brits are worried about Moody’s lowering the boom on six German banks and three Austrian banks.

I agree. We need a queen which, if liberals have their way, will happen sooner rather than later. God Bless The Queen, Her Majesty Mummy.



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